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Tree surgeon, tree surgery and arbor care – Surrey, Sussex, London & Hampshire

Tree surgeon – fully qualified and insured for all your tree surgery

Trees need to be looked after and maintained if they are to survive and flourish.

Tree surgery carried out by our fully qualified and insured tree surgeon will enable the trees and shrubbery in your garden or estate to thrive.

Our tree surgeon team can remove dead wood from an otherwise healthy tree.

Or they can take the tops out of high trees to allow more light into your property.

Or thin out branches and give a better shape to individual specimens.

From pruning to forestry clearance

At Milestones we can help you with everything from pruning an orchard, through removing unwanted saplings and undergrowth, to cutting down and removing potentially dangerous or dying trees in forestry.

With larger trees our tree surgeon team can log the branches and trunks for firewood for you, and chip the smaller branches for disposal.

And we provide all professional equipment, and remove all unwanted remnants off site using our own vehicles.

Tree surgery and your garden makeover

Often tree surgery is carried out by the tree surgeons as part of a garden makeover.

This can be to give your garden more light for you to enjoy, and to enable your new plants and shrubs to grow.

Shaping and thinning your trees can also be part of the overall design for your project.

Please see our garden makeover section for more information.

So, whatever your arbor care requirements, our tree surgeon team can offer you expert advice and help on all elements of tree surgery for your property.

Please Contact Us today for assistance and a free estimate without obligation.

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