Oak pergola Horsham, West Sussex

We build pergolas of all kinds and cover Surrey, London, West Sussex and Hampshire

Here’s an example of work we have carried out which brings together a number of skills and materials.

This beautiful pergola and balcony was built by us in solid oak.

It also features safety glass for the balcony, and is constructed on York stone plinths.

The plinths reflect the style of this unique property and protect the bottoms of the uprights from the weather.

The arches of the pergola create a sense of occasion, while the balcony provides wonderful views across the surrounding gardens and woodland.

Handcrafted oak pergola Horsham

All the joints for the pergola and balcony are hand crafted and finished with oak pegs.

This attention to detail is typical of our work, and is in harmony with the carpentry techniques of the time of the property.

We like to feel that details like the pegs and the plinths help give the balcony, the pergola and the house an air of unity, while at the same time making a statement.

Owners delighted

The owners are delighted with the work as it has added a whole new dimension to their home and garden.

They can now enjoy splendid views relaxing on the balcony, and a wonderful walkway to the house under the pergola.

And if our clients are happy then we are very happy indeed!

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